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part of my blogging journey that needs to be told

Who knew a blogging community can be so extremely supportive?

I mean after all, we are a bunch of online strangers writing and creating content competing with each other in a very saturated online space. Blogging is unlike any other competition in life that I've experienced. The blogging community is filled with creative, self-starters who aren't afraid to show their love and support to other new bloggers like myself. I experienced this first hand earlier this week. People I've never met before IRL or people that live on the other side of the US or in a different country entirely show support and spread love. Mind you I just started this website less than a month ago, who am I to deserve this much support from strangers?!


This story is part of my blogging journey that needs to be told.


New bloggers must know that although blogging is competitive in many ways, there is an online community of helpful, compassionate bloggers, vloggers, and influencers online that will support and encourage you. You can find them and sometimes they will find you. Do your research! Find users that you are inspired by and reach out, show them support, and learn from them. I follow a social media queen, Marianna Hewitt, because I admire her work ethic, her content's esthetic, and her overall girl boss persona. I kept reaching out and showing her support on SM and I ended up on her Instagram stories when she was at NYFW. She totally could have ignored me because who am I? NYFW is cray cray and she's a fashion blogger. She supported me and my blog as a complete stranger during this busy week for her own brand and blog. What does that tell you? It tells me that even the most successful bloggers show support, love, and compassion for those who are new and learning. Let this be an example for you to not be afraid to reach out to people you admire. If you eventually become a well-known blogger, remember the days when you started out and would have loved support and encouragement. Anything is possible on social media, so be risky and see where it takes you. You never know, you may find your user name on an Instagram story one day! LMK if you have any similar experiences with the blogging community.


What happened after Marianna Hewitt reached out? 


An overwhelming number of bloggers reached out and showed their emoji love and support. Many began sending messages and asked lots of questions, some even flourished into convos about Bachelor in Paradise (Dean, ugh, c'mon man)! The types of blogger varied, some were new and some were experienced bloggers, some were travel and others were fashion focused. I also decided to write this post about this overwhelming feeling of joy and excitement! Has an idol of yours ever reached out to you? Let's chat about it!

I want to thank everyone that's shown support for girlfromplaya. I'm def feeling the love! I treat everyone who emails, DMs or comments with personalized attention. Truly feel free to leave comments on my blog posts or my social media and ask questions or say something that's on your mind.


xo, B

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