My Skincare Journey

A peak inside of my skincare cabinet shared w/ the bf.

A peak inside of my skincare cabinet shared w/ the bf.

If you’re new to my blog and website, welcome! I love talking about all things beauty + travel, am a Los Angeles native, and am inspired by the world around me! I figured you should know a brief summary of how and why I started taking care of my skin. As they say, beautiful makeup starts with a clean canvas! Below I will talk about my early childhood memories playing with skincare and how my mom heavily influenced me during this time in my life.

I remember my mom teaching me the importance of skincare since I was a kid. She always stressed the importance of washing my face and using SPF. She’s the first beauty influencer I began to follow! Her skincare routine included Clinique and Lancôme, and she would always mention how much of a brand loyalist she was. My mom has always had like perfect angelic skin, just like my abuela. They both have very smooth, no wrinkles, no dark spots, even skin tone, no visible pores, and to this day I’ve never witnessed one blemish/breakout/pimple. I was truly jealous of their skin and how fresh and flawless it always was, and then there’s me, with my acne, sunbathing at the beach, hoping it’ll magically change. Every morning and evening I’d watch my mom’s skincare routine, and as I became a teenager she’d always remind me to wear SPF and stay out of the sun, like every day, because it caused acne, wrinkles, and skin cancer (which runs in our family). Living near the beach made it hard to stay away from the sun because that’s where I’d love to hang out with friends. For skincare enthusiast, we all know that small doses of Vitamin D is healthy, prolonged exposure can cause acne, breakouts, wrinkles, dark spots/sun spots/freckles, and even Melanoma. My biggest skin concern growing up was acne and making sure I didn’t get Melanoma.

My skincare routine has been a work in progress since middle school.

I would visit dermatologists and they’d prescribe me something very harsh to my skin. I ended up discontinuing use because it would make my skin irritated, red, and extremely flakey. I remember using full-coverage foundation to help hide my irritated and acne-prone skin, thinking this is what everyone else did. I wish I could go back in time and tell my 14 year old self to put down the foundation and harsh chemicals, and start using quality and clean skincare products.

Once in college, I was able to experiment a bit more with skincare. Ballin’ on a budget required me to purchase mass (#BeautyFact: Mass is a term used in the beauty industry to define the category of a beauty product. Typically a more affordable, less luxurious) beauty skincare products. I started to get in the habit of taking the extra step of completely washing my face after wearing makeup, rather than relying on a makeup wipe to remove everything (rookie mistake). Once I graduated and started working at The Honest Company, I learned more about skincare and clean beauty. This was an awesome opportunity to learn more in depth about the harmful and harsh ingredients that are in conventional (#BeautyFact: Conventional is the proper/professional term for products that aren’t natural/organic/clean and use harsh/synthetic ingredients) products, and how Honest Beauty was changing the game with clean and safe ingredients that worked. At this point in time, I continued to expand my skincare routine by adding serums and oils. I learned what order to put my skincare products, what type of ingredients to look for to combat specific issues, and what types of harsh ingredients to stay away from.

Now that I’m in my twenties, I have a routine for morning, evening, post workouts, masking sessions, post beach days, and when traveling.

The essential the order is Cleanser - (Mask) - Toner - Serum - Treatment - Moisturizer - SPF - Oil - Mist (if I’m feeling extra).

I don’t necessarily do all of these steps at once, it depends on the situation. Beauty best practices is to use your products from lightest to heaviest, double cleanse if you wear makeup, and like my mom says always wear SPF, even if’s it’s cloudy or overcast you still need to. I love trying new brands and different products, especially clean skincare brands. I tend to shop for skincare products that have Sephora’s “Clean Seal”, however I am not perfect and do shop for products without the seal. I noticed when I started to shop for quality skincare and create routines, my skin cleared up from all the acne, I rarely have clogged pores because of makeup (and I wear it pretty much on the daily), my skin is balanced (not too dry, not too oily), and I have an even tone/texture. I enjoy when brands release a new product with the latest and greatest ingredient. Although I love skimming product reviews, I am all for trying out the product myself and coming up with my own opinion. I always recommend this strategy to family/friends too because if something works on my skin, might not work on their skin.

Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate your support! I genuinely love talking all things skincare with family and friends. I’ll get DMs or people will just chat in person at family parties about certain brands or products. I am always learning about skincare. If you’d like, feel free to drop me a message about your journey with skincare or which brands you currently love. I genuinely love discussing topics on beauty, so always feel free to reach out! My email is or Insta @girlfromplaya.

xo, B

Brittany Lopez