2018 is Flying by Faster than Naomi’s Serves

Yes, as in the Naomi Osaka, 2018 Women’s US Open Winner. 

Last time I wrote on here was 2017, and a lot has happened since. Don’t want to go into much detail, but here are the main highlights: 

 • Officially a God Mother to my cute niece Scarlett (who’s by far the most fashionable and fabulous 2 year old)

• Scored an awesome job within the beauty industry (dream of mine since day 1 post graduating college)   

• Moved into my second LA apartment  (fun fact: my grandpa had his Cressy Lopez Ranch on the land my complex is built on!) 

• Traveled to Greece, Yassas! Jumped into the deep waters of the Ionian Sea and kayaked the coast of Meganisi. Freaked out just a tad.

Now I’m back in LA, all settled into my apartment, and getting into the routine of work. In the midst of my work days, I realized I feel most inspired when creating, whether it’s home decor, styling my desk at the office, or as simple as writing. Drawing from this inspiration I find an inner feeling of motivation, a surge of creativity, and energy I wish I had during my 2pm workday slump. Knowing this, I decided to get back into the swing of blogging again!

Although I gave myself a delayed start in 2018 in terms of blogging, this year isn’t over yet! There’s still so much to say, show, and share. If you can take away one thing from this post, it’s to make time for the things you love to do or want to do. If you want to work within a certain field, start a blog of your own, volunteer more, travel the world, whatever it is, make time. Perhaps you’re over scheduling and making time for too many things, than search for a slower pace of life and find some time for self-care and wellness. Start with something small and work your way towards your ultimate goal. A quote I used in college that helped survive midterms and finals week: “doctors never sleep”. Don’t know how true that is, but it pushed me to work to my full potential and improve my time management (which by the way is still a daily struggle/ life long work-in-progress). Side note: Beauty sleep is a thing. Please do it. Your skin will thank you.

As I return to my computer on a weekly basis, I hope to inspire or entertain those reading. This is my form of relaxation and wellness to escape from the real world of adulting. I encourage everyone to release their inner creativity.


If you’re in search of content that has it all, a work/life/beauty balance, than bookmark girlfromplaya.com to your browser and follow me on social @girlfromplaya. For those interested in having blog or social media collab, DM me @girlfromplaya on Instagram. I’d love to connect with beauty gurus!


Brittany Lopez