The Comic-Con for Beauty

This past weekend I attended the Beautycon Festival in Los Angeles with some friends that work in the industry. We were all super excited to see what Beautycon was all about, and luckily I've got the scoop on who was there and if it's worth attending next year.

What is Beautycon?

Beautycon Box is a seasonal subscription service for full sized beauty items. The Beautycon brand decided to take give its online community an IRL experiences, aka Beautycon Festivals. Up until today, they've hosted events in NY, LA, London, and Dubai. It's an event that favors both the businesses and the consumers, a genius idea for exposing brands to millennials and Gen Z. Beautycon hosted its second annual festival at the LA Convention center during the weekend of August 12-13, 2017.  My friends and I walked around and received free products from brands, took fun photos on pretty sets, saw our girl boss idols, and discovered new brands.

What brands/celebs/influencers were there?

The mission of the event is all things beauty and pop-culture related. Celebrities, social media influencers, bloggers, artists, girl bosses, content creators, and a ton of beauty brands attended the event. It was very overwhelming at first (my squad would agree), especially since I'm not a fan of large crowds, but it's expected when you get a ton of beauty enthusiast in the heart of Los Angeles. Celebrities and influencers that attended were Adriana Lima, JoJo Fletcher, Chrissy Teigen, Sophia Amoruso, and Simone Biles.  I was def most excited to hear the Girl Boss discussion panel hosted by Sophia. Chrissy's husband, John Legend, made a special appearance at Beautycon too! It was so cute, he was sitting front row while Chrissy was speaking about embracing and loving one's own body. Some of my favorite brands were there and I was so excited to see their pop up shop booths (it's brand/marketing and I love that stuff). Having a product in your hand is one thing, but feeling and being in a space that's created by the brand, really gives the consumer a true, authentic "taste" of the brand. I was impressed by L'Oreal, Nike, and PrettyLittleThing. I hope next year I see Honest Beauty, Juice Beauty, or Bare Minerals! It wasn't exclusively just make up, I loved the variety of brands that were there (Nordstrom's B.P., Shea Moisture, DermaDoctor, Hello oral care). For a full list of brands/celebrities/influencers, click here!

How much does it cost to attend?

There is a fee to attend the event. It ranges from $49.99 to $549.99 depending on what ticket/package you purchase. They offer day passes ($49.99), multi-day passes ($79.99), and special packages like the Hauler Package($249.99), Social Package ($349.99), and Beauty Academy package ($549.99). The day passes and multi-day passes allow access to all makeup and lifestyle brands, main stage panels, tutorials and music! Whereas the packages offer a more luxurious experience, like earlier entrance time for hassle free shopping, exclusive meet up with social influencers, VIP tote bags, and exclusive access to watch live tutorials with your fave beauty brands/influencers.  


Do brands sell products?

Yes, you can purchase products directly from the brand at their booths. I heard many brands did offer discounts too! My friend bought a sports bra from Nike and was able to choose a complimentary manicure or a make over offered by Milk Makeup.  However, you also have the option to walk around and snag free giveaway products from the brands directly too (usually they're sample sized, not full sized items). 

What do you do there?

1. Get free products from brands by walking around the event space

2. Listen to celeb/influencer panel discussions and fireside chats

3. Meet your fave celebrity/influencer and take photos with them

4. Watch and participate in live make up and hair tutorials given by your fave brand or influencer

5. Discover new brands, try products out for free, and shop at discounted rates! 

Was it fun?

Yes! I've never been to a convention, so I had no idea what to expect. It was overwhelming at first, but at the end of the day it was fun and a really cool experience. The exclusive event only takes place in LA and NY (within the U.S.) and I heard people talking about how they flew in for this event from out of state. That's commitment. 

 Overall, I'd say Beautycon is def worth attending for future years to come, especially if you plan a brunch + mimosas + lyft/uber beforehand (just make sure to stay hydrated). If you're curious about BeautyCon, or have any questions, feel free to ask!

xo, B