About Me


Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog!

My name is Brittany Lopez and I have a sense for creative adventure that I can't wait to explore. Without hesitation, I decided to create my own experience from the ground up. I'm learning what it takes to be an expert at blogging, marketing, social media, and influencer marketing. Keep an eye out for beauty + travel related topics with a beach inspired vibe.

I grew up in a cute beach town in Los Angeles. I studied business marketing in college, and I'm excited to put what I learned from school into my blog. After graduating, I worked at The Honest Company/Honest Beauty, and I fell in love with the clean beauty industry. I continued to grow my career in marketing by working for the world-class Guthy-Renker, a pioneer in direct to consumer marketing (OG content creators of infomercials, Proactive, Kris Jenner, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce’s MAU, and more!), and learned so much about how to sell a beauty product, plus working alongside Amazon was pretty cool and challenging.

My passion for beauty has been something I’ve always been curious about since I was a little girl spending (what seemed like hours) in my mom’s make up drawers and as a teenager wearing makeup to private school when it wasn’t allowed. I’d get in trouble by teachers and have to wash it off (#sorrynotsorry). Now that I’m in my twenties + working, I’m exploring skincare, haircare, and makeup brands more than ever. I’m here to share my passion for beauty with you all!

Additionally, another interest of mine is traveling and learning about different cultures through food, nature, language, traditions, history - everything. I would love to share my experiences and stories of traveling with you and as a way to remember and cherish those moments with family + friends. I find such enjoyment and growth when traveling because I am able to appreciate the world + people around me even more.

My goal with creating a blog is to learn a new hobby, create content, develop my skills in social media (because jobs require it now in the marketing world), meet likeminded individuals, and have fun!

I’m looking forward to sharing my interest with you and hope that it might inspire you in some way, shape, or form.